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At Addictive Bliss, we understand the journey of parenthood. With every product we create, we aim to provide comfort, safety, and joy to both parents and children. Embrace your newborn in the warmth and safety of our Winter Warm Sleeping Bag.

Simple Swaddling

The Newborn Baby Winter Warm Sleeping Bag is a soft, secure, and stylish solution for your baby's first winter. Designed for maximum comfort and ease, it ensures your baby stays warm, whether at home, in a stroller, or during car rides.

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Stretchable Snuggles

Every stretch, snug and safe. Adaptable warmth for every nap. Winter Warm Sleeping Bag is designed to adapt to your baby's growth, providing comfort through their first winter and beyond

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"Wrapping your little one in a blend of warmth, safety, and gentle flexibility, providing comfort through their first winter and beyond."

  • Jenna K

    "This sleeping bag is a winter miracle. Our baby sleeps so peacefully, it's like a dream. It's incredibly easy to use, and the stretchable fabric means it just fits perfectly every time. No more wrestling with stiff blankets or worrying about the cold. "

  • Marcus G

    "Absolutely love it! The quality is outstanding - it keeps my baby warm during strolls, even on the chilliest days. What stands out is how soft and gentle it is on their skin. My baby's comfort is my top priority, and this sleeping bag delivers just that"

  • Fiona

    "The best thing for my toddler’s first winter, hands down. It’s our go-to for every nap and walk. The stretchable material is a game changer - it grows with my child, making it a practical and long-lasting choice. It’s so easy to wrap my toddler in. "